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Health Product


Calmlin (HKD 598)

Relief of anxiety and stress,
relaxation from pressures,
unease and trepidation.

Feature of product

The effective components of Calmlin have significant anti-anxiety effect and balance the pressure of body and mind. Taking Calmlin can calm the mind, relieve the pressure of work and study, menopause and depression caused by various reasons, reduce tension, improve the quality of sleep, help to regain the vitality of life, overcome the heavy pressure, without causing muscle relaxation or drowsiness and other side effects.


Smartlife (HKD 398)

Improve the memory,
intelligence and learning

Feature of product

People have a strong need for peak mental performance. With the increasing demand for intelligence in study and work, more and more people choose various health products to improve their intelligence and learning for themselves and the next generation. SmartLife is a new patented health care product to improve the memory, intelligence and learning concentration. The main effective component of MEP is memory enhancing peptide (MEP), which can enhances the function of the hippocampus area, the learning center of the brain. Clinical trials have proved that memory and intelligence of users increase by 20% on average within six to eight weeks without side effects.


LungProtect (HKD 259)

Maintains respiratory
health, reduce dampness
and promotes immunity.

Feature of product

LungProtect is a product developed during the period of severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) in 2003. It can prevent infection caused by coronavirus.


Genetics Analysis Services

One Label Extension

We provide genotyping service with One Label Extension (OLE) platform technology. Customized and on-site services as well as OLE genotyping kits are available to provide accurate and speedy SNP identification.


AluScan is a specific next-generation sequencing platform where simultaneous PCR amplification of hundreds of millions of base pairs of DNA sequences employing only a small number of Alu element-specific primers from only sub-micrograms of human DNA sample makes possible the expedited sequencing and bioinformatics analysis of a large fraction of the human DNA genome. AluScan provides a practical method for large scale human genome analysis covering gigabases of exons, introns, and intergenic regions.

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